As she lays there, on her 4th shot of Ciroc, counting the ones in her duffle bag, one would think, this is life!  Most days it is life, but to one who knows CC, I mean truly knows her, they always ask, how?  More importantly why?  How and why does a woman who had so much going for her professionally and personally fall.  How does a woman who once felt insecure about her appearance & herself in general, now confident, at times borderline arrogant at times.  How does so girl who once had a heart of gold is now ice cold. Why does a girl who once trusted everyone she came into contact with, trusts no one, not even blood. 

This is the journey of a girl who was broken, then healed (or so she thought), then broken again. These are the chronicles of a girl who is just trying to figure it out, one mistake at a time.  A girl who is navigating her way through heartbreak and turmoil. 

This is the Evolution of CC….


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