Soul Tie Prayer 🙏

“Of my own free will, I break the soul tie that bound me to ML & I sever myself from him. I take back the parts of myself that I gave to them & I ask you, Lord, to bring me back to a place of wholeness inside my soul.”
“I have placed them on the throne of my heart, I now remove them & place you Jesus, once again, back into your proper place in my life & heart.”

“I ask you to wash my memories with the blood of Jesus to remove all hurtful or sinful places that Satan could use. I pray for ML & ask that you bring them to a place of repentance & healing as well.”

“I reconnect my soul ties to you Lord & to those who have godly input within my life that you have placed there. All ungodly assignments that were using these soul ties to bring evil into my life, I now cancel those assignments. Thank you for setting me free…”


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