The Lust for Pablo

She cleanses herself off, sits on her bed, & reflects. After spending some much needed time with Pablo, she’s numb. The feeling he gives her is like no other. When he touches her body, a sensation she has never felt before comes over her. 

Oh Pablo….

He removes all her cares & concerns, her worry & fear, her anxiety & depression, her self loathing & pity, her hurt & heartbreak. The feeling that he gives her is similar to a plethora of orgasms at once.  The euphoria that comes over her when he enters her is one that cannot be described with words.

The last time she felt this way was the last time she was deeply in love. CC never thought in a million years it could happen again but it has.  

Is it love or is it lust?

She knows no matter how Pablo makes her feel, he isn’t good for her.  No matter how easy he takes the pain away, he isn’t what’s best for her.  No matter how at the drop of a hat, if she needs him, he is there, no questions asked, he isn’t the solution. Just a temporary fix. 

When the pain of her heartbreak becomes unbearable, the stress of her dysfunctional family becomes overwhelming, he relieves all of that. He reminds her that she is important. He makes her feel as if she’s invincible.  Everytime she is with him, it just gets better & better. Any & everytime she finds herself trying to distance herself from him, he becomes more & more persistent. He reminds her that without his “love” She will no longer feel as if she’s invincible.  She will no longer feel pain free. 

He knows what she wants, what she needs, how she wants it, and when she needs it. 

He is her prescription. Her addiction…..


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