She Is….

To many she is CC aka Coko Chanel.  To them she’s a fierce warrior, a survivor, a hustler, sexy, and sometimes a force to be wreckoned with. 

But that’s not all she is.  That’s not who she really is.  To those who really know her she’s much more. Or used to be.  

She’s a mother to children who have no idea the depth of despair she’s in. She’s a daughter to parents who didn’t raise her or acknowledge her to this day. She’s a sister to siblings she hasn’t spoken to in almost 2 years.  She’s a granddaughter to grandparents who show her what evil looks like.  She’s a hustler.  She’s a woman who has been broken down by almost every man she has given her heart to. She’s an addict. She’s a stripper. She’s a beautiful disaster. She’s the epitome of depression. She is ME. 


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