10:42 am…

New Chapter. Progress is a process, and if you want success, you can’t rush that process.  I have a lot of healing to do. I have a lot of reconstructing & restoring.  My mind, body, & spirit needs to get back to where it was before the hurt, before Pablo, before BD’S return.  


Starting to feel again which means Pablo is leaving me.  I dont like when that happens. I dont like to feel anything. When I am empty, emotionless, cold, that’s when I feel my best. I dont want any thoughts or feelings.  I swear I should have never left Athens with him that night. That set me back to 2015.  Good job CC… way to screw up again.  Doing what your best at.  Now I need a rendezvous with P…. here we go, again..

🔹pause for the cause 🔹

11:53 am…

Thank you P.  

12:06 am… 

And another one…. This shit is going to send me to my grave. Time to heal….


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