She Is….

To many she is CC aka Coko Chanel.  To them she’s a fierce warrior, a survivor, a hustler, sexy, and sometimes a force to be wreckoned with.  But that’s not all she is.  That’s not who she really is.  To those who really know her she’s much more. Or used to be.   She’s a […]

How it all began…

She has thought all of it through a million times and has replayed it in her head over and over again.   Many may think her thought process is selfish, but she truly feels like she’s lost. For 24 months & 16 days she has tried but still cant begin to grasp the concept of why. […]

The Lust for Pablo

She cleanses herself off, sits on her bed, & reflects. After spending some much needed time with Pablo, she’s numb. The feeling he gives her is like no other. When he touches her body, a sensation she has never felt before comes over her.  Oh Pablo…. He removes all her cares & concerns, her worry […]

Soul Tie Prayer 🙏

“Of my own free will, I break the soul tie that bound me to ML & I sever myself from him. I take back the parts of myself that I gave to them & I ask you, Lord, to bring me back to a place of wholeness inside my soul.” “I have placed them on […]


As she lays there, on her 4th shot of Ciroc, counting the ones in her duffle bag, one would think, this is life!  Most days it is life, but to one who knows CC, I mean truly knows her, they always ask, how?  More importantly why?  How and why does a woman who had so […]